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Kym M. Stewart


One of the daily tasks of a 17 day Prosperity Challenge I am doing is turning a negative into a positive.

Let me share my new game that aligns with this beautifully.

Recently I noticed my vibration was a little low, mostly because I was allow my mind to run undisciplined and it was choosing to focus on my hardships and perceived failings.

Through a friend asking me a simple questions a new game dawned on me –

This is the negative to positive game:

Over the past ( you choose the time frame ) I chose 5 years name all the amazing and wonderful things I have experienced, well as many as I can think of.

I took this a step further by naming categories like :

* What made me laugh out loud

* What wonderful meals have I eaten

* what heart opening experiences have I had

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digital fix

Published first on Econsultancy

Technology has fast become a critical enabler of marketing innovation.

Savvy marketers and their agencies are looking to the increasing number of technology startups to inspire and support the creative execution of their campaigns.

Unilever has set up a programme that helps brands engage with startups to run trial projects and provide mentoring.

Launched in 2014 The Unilever Foundry and has now vetted 3,000 startups, with over 60 successfully securing their first pilot project with a Unilever brand.

Following the success of the first year of the programme Unilever recently announced its Foundry 50, a list of 50 top marketing technology startups. Many of these 50 startups, featured here, highlight clear trends in five areas that will shape the future of marketing:

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Denis Canty

As we are a month inside the second half of 2015, I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the technology trends that are in motion, and will have more of an influence as we enter 2016.

1: SMAC becomes SMACT

Social Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) has existed for a number of years in enterprise applications. Internet of Things (IoT) has accelerated as an enabler in technology, and hence will begin to be added to SMAC to create SMACT. I introduced this concept in one of my first posts here. And they need each other to succeed and/or progress. As more and more devices in IoT come online, SMAC demand will increase. And IoT will add value to SMAC, as it will spurn new technology directions that can utilize SMAC. The A in SMAC will be affect more than others, as with new…

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Greece Alive

Greece alive owiwi recruiting game

  Owiwi is a Greek startup determined to make us take games seriously. They use them in recruiting, to more accurately portray candidates’ soft skills and real personality.

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Entrepreneur And I

I am simply putting down the exact words as described by Eric Ries as it is the best.

Eric Ries has described the principles as below;

  1. Entrepreneurs are Everywhere.

You don’t have to work in a garage to be in a startup. The concept of entrepreneurship includes anyone who works within my definition of a startup: a human institution designed to create new products and services under conditions of extreme uncertainty. That means entrepreneurs are everywhere and the Lean Startup approach can work in any size company, even a very large enterprise, in any sector or industry.

2. Entrepreneurship is Management.

A startup is an institution, not just a product, and so it requires a new kind of management specifically geared to its context of extreme uncertainty. In fact, as I will argue later, I believe “entrepreneur” should be considered a will argue later, I believe “entrepreneur” should be considered…

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Words dipped in Happiness

Have you ever imagined why the analog clocks displayed time as 10:10 in most of the time? Try to guess. No idea? Ok. Because 10:10 is the perfect time when we can see the clock in its full flying mode. Two wings, one on number 10, and one on number 2, are flapping rapidly at their own pace and taking the time away from us. Because time never comes back. It goes away and away. Have you seen the tail of this flying time-bird? Yes that one n


umber 6.

So always remember time flies away with time. It doesn’t stop for anyone. So enjoy the moments. The temporary moments. They never come back. We only go to them so that we can live there. But remember, we can never live in past, just “some memories in the past, can make your present lively.”

So start living in your present…

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