Ryan Tennis is a talented singer and songwriter with funny and deep lyrics. In this video-clip sponsored by Mojo-Drink he talks about time and how it feels to wait… Who doesn’t know this feeling?

Mr.Biver CEO Hublot with a LINCHPIN Audio-Book (by Seth Godin)

By Stefan{at}MyTree.CH

https://i2.wp.com/www.kindlerthorpe.com/hublot_logo-larger.jpgThere are lots of things about your person written in the internet. I would like to ask you some new questions.

Please ask.

First of all I would like to make a visual test. What do you see on this picture?

I can see a tree.

Don’t you see more? Take your time, you have to consider it more precisely.
I can’t see more.

Sometimes there is more there, than you think you see.
Bring the white scope into your focus. Imagine, that the stars are eyes…
Oh yes, and the hands..

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Time Management!

Randy PauschTime Management (1h26min)

Randy Pausch’s Time Management talk with English and German subtitles by Friederike Sophie Brand (To activate the subtitles or change the language, click the button in the video menu bar.

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Have you ever imagined why the analog clocks displayed time as 10:10 in most of the time? Try to guess. No idea? Ok. Because 10:10 is the perfect time when we can see the clock in its full flying mode. Two wings, one on number 10, and one on number 2, are flapping rapidly at their own pace and taking the time away from us. Because time never comes back. It goes away and away. Have you seen the tail of this flying time-bird? Yes that one n


umber 6.

So always remember time flies away with time. It doesn’t stop for anyone. So enjoy the moments. The temporary moments. They never come back. We only go to them so that we can live there. But remember, we can never live in past, just “some memories in the past, can make your present lively.”

So start living in your present…

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These Scientists Want to Fix Your Terribly Disorganized Calendar

Each weekday morning, energized with the optimism of a new day, I scrawl out a lengthy to-do list, detailing all the things I hope to accomplish by the end of the day. And then, inevitably, somewhere around 5 p.m., I look at the list again, this time with dismay at how many boxes are left unchecked. And you, too, probably have the best intentions for your days. You’ll go for a run! Finish a project ahead of deadline! Call your mom! It’s the actual doing of these things that’s the hard part — even, confusingly, when you very much intend and even want to do them. The problem of human productivity is a deceptively complicated one, and, as such, the targeted tech market is crowded — in the iPhone app store alone, there are 1,562 options for “time management,” and 2,195…

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So it’s here: The Apple Watch. What’s the verdict?

“It’s a gorgeous piece of hardware with a clever and simple user interface and some fine built-in functions. It already has more than 4,000 third party apps. I will probably buy one,” writes Walt Mossberg after wearing a demo Apple Watch for more than one month.

“But it’s a fledgling product whose optimal utility lies mostly ahead of it as new watch software is developed. I got the strong feeling that third-party app developers taking their first swing at the thing simply hadn’t yet figured out how best to write software for it—especially since Apple, for now, is requiring that watch apps basically be adjuncts of iPhone apps.”

Because, after all, the best hardware comes with a variety of well-written, complimentary software.

It’s why, for example, in law firm management the best time savers are not thanks to Timex, rather…

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Photo Credit: My Pretty Pennies Photo Credit: My Pretty Pennies

What is there to do when work is piling up on your desk and the requests keep coming in? Short of staying late and working extra hard to get it all done, how can you handle the stress level appropriately and graciously? Here are my tips for managing stress in the workplace:

  1. Minimize the Distractions
    • Put your phone away. If you are someone who keeps your personal phone on your desk, hide it in a drawer or keep it in your bag to prevent yourself from getting distracted or checking that most recent text which then turns into a long conversation.
    • Stay away from your social media accounts while at work (at least your personal ones). Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. can all be like a blackhole for losing free/spare time. What starts as a quick check for something you need to know can easily…

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Making Time

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Demanding Yoga Mat is demanding                                                        Demanding Yoga Mat is demanding

There is a yoga mat calling my name. There is also a nearly completed manuscript, a publishing deadline, a birthday for an ever growing kid/adult in my house, and mountains of housework calling my name.
I considered changing my name to “Hey” just to make things easier. or “Bass Fishing in the United States” to make things more difficult. In the end I chose to set everything on a schedule of sorts. My schedule may consist of many ishes. like 9-ish, 10-ish, etc. but I get points for a schedule right?
I know meditation and yoga are good for my overall thinking and mood. I also know that if I don’t do things, they don’t get done. So…

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It’s 10:30 PM and I still have to make dinner, clean and pack for my trip this weekend…why do I do this to myself?

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