Mr.Biver CEO Hublot with a LINCHPIN Audio-Book (by Seth Godin)

By Stefan{at}MyTree.CH

https://i2.wp.com/www.kindlerthorpe.com/hublot_logo-larger.jpgThere are lots of things about your person written in the internet. I would like to ask you some new questions.

Please ask.

First of all I would like to make a visual test. What do you see on this picture?

I can see a tree.

Don’t you see more? Take your time, you have to consider it more precisely.
I can’t see more.

Sometimes there is more there, than you think you see.
Bring the white scope into your focus. Imagine, that the stars are eyes…
Oh yes, and the hands..

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Time Management!

Randy PauschTime Management (1h26min)

Randy Pausch’s Time Management talk with English and German subtitles by Friederike Sophie Brand (To activate the subtitles or change the language, click the button in the video menu bar.

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Originally posted on the Creative Buddha:

Leadership is a very important aspect in everything I do.  My belief is that great managers are able to get things done with their team…not all great managers are actually great leaders.  Managers are responsible for execution on the minutest levels.  Leaders are the ones responsible for motivating the team, having a clear vision of the desired future state (goals, objectives, outcomes) and have the innate ability to plan and devise the processes for the team to begin to achieve the business outcomes.

Leaders also have to be able to express the future state to the managers and team members and build their buy-in and commitment to achieving the future state.  This collaborative style is core to my beliefs.  Dictatorships do not work in building trust, respect and a common vision to executing towards the outcomes.  Of course, at times leaders need to dictate directions or edicts about the business…

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Originally posted on Common Core English with Ease:

Keep your body, mind and soul at their best. Commit to the following practices to make time for peace of mind!

  1. Don’t let lesson planning consume your life
  • Maximize your prep time:
    • Don’t let prep and planning periods go to waste!
    • Chatting with friends at lunch-hour can mean a night spent planning while your real friends are at happy hour
    • Don’t over think lessons!
    • Make sure you get at least one lesson done during every free period you have during the day.
    • If possible, divide responsibilities between yourself and your teaching team…

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Originally posted on Leader:

In recent years, investors have learned that defining the market value of a firm cannot just be based on finances. GAAP and FASB standards require financial reporting of earnings, cash flow, and profitability – all measures that investors have traditionally examined. But recently, these financial outcomes have been found to predict only about 50% of a firm’s market value. Another challenge is that this financial information has become widely known and shared, meaning that the investor insights it affords are hardly unique.

To gain more insights into a specific firm, investors have shown more interest in intangibles like strategy, brand, innovation, systems integration, collaboration, and so on. Investors have also worked to track and measure these intangibles, even if more subjective. We believe that a next step for investors is to analyze the predictors and drivers of these intangible factors, which means focusing on leadership.

Calculating the Market Value of…

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Originally posted on The Write Hand, LLC:

Time is MoneyIn operating The Write Hand, LLC, I often find that balancing my client workload and personal tasks gets tedious. As a Virtual Assistant keeping accurate time for clients is imperative because I charge on the least increment of time to save my client’s budget.

For those that have read my blog previously, you will recall my posts about time management as I am still trying to master this. I have previously used the method of Dale Carnegie but somehow I still allow myself to lose focus; or sometimes I even sit way too long and then tire myself out. So I started searching for alternative methods. I learned recently of this Pomodoro Technique and maybe, just maybe I can manage this one. I use a timer to record my per-client work so the technique herein should align well with my existing time methodology. I thought I would share this for…

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Originally posted on Organizing for Your Peace of Mind:

Organizational Truth # 42: When we want to blow off our good habits the most, that’s when we need them the most.  Routines and good habits help us restore order to our disorder; bring focus to our scattered brains; and prime the productivity pump when our motivation has run dry.

I was reminded of this Organizational Truth last night.  We had a truly great weekend; participated (ok, walked) in a local 5K for a really great non-profit organization; visited with guests and friends at our house and at a party; had a fabulous evening downtown with dinner, great friends and a concert of one of our favorite bands; and sang at Palm Sunday Mass.

Come Sunday night, I was very tired.  I’d earned a Sunday evening of laying around, and I could easily justify abandoning my usual Sunday night prep-for-the-week hour.  But I also deserve an organized, productive and less-stressed…

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Originally posted on Bitch with Wi-fi:

Wow – three months of using Agile Methodology as a personal and professional development tool. I’ve found it very successful. It really does help to focus on goals, and to see accomplishments week by week.

This past week I wrote four blog posts on WordPress, including two new movie reviews that were posted to both WordPress and Blogger. My Movie Project Blogging Project is now firmly back on track and I’m back to the point where I had stopped in my alphabetical reviews (The Third Man) – the film had been a stumbling block, probably because I knew it was grim and depressing, but with stunning cinematography. When I did watch it, then review it, I found I liked the film as much as I remembered mostly because of the film’s look. And it also has a twisty-turny plot that’s intelligent. Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t give up…

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